Officials Searching for Cause of Madison Heights Blaze

Madison Heights, VA - Fire officials are still trying to determine the cause of a blaze that tore through a Madison Heights home Thanksgiving afternoon.

No one was injured, but it still has neighbors really shaken up.

"He said, 'The house across the street's on fire, the house across the street's on fire!'" Katie Dearing remembered hearing her father say Thursday afternoon.

Across the street, the fire left charred windows, exposed beams and melted siding.

"It was a lot of smoke, a lot of smoke," recalled another neighbor, Thelma Martin.

By the time all three fire departments pulled up to 398 Main Street, the second story had already gone up in flames.

Neighbors say they were getting ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner around 3:30 when they heard a loud boom.

"It was right there in the first window and they were pretty big. It was enflaming out," Dearing described the flames.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are three times more house fires on Thanksgiving than on an average day.

The deputy director of public safety says this fire didn't start in the kitchen, but an upstairs bedroom. They're not sure about a cause but don't suspect it was intentionally set.

Fortunately, Thelma Martin's neighbors -- two adults and three teens, were not inside. But they'll be coming back to salvage what's left.

It has the entire neighborhood grateful the fire didn't end worse.

"It was terrifying cause I was this close," Dearing said.