Officials Say Jamisha Gilbert Case is a Cautionary Tale

Lynchburg, VA - Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette says he explained to Jamisha's mother their reasoning for not pressing charges. Doucette says they wanted this information released as soon as possible, as a warning to other teens. If the boys Jamisha smoked with that night were prosecuted, it could have been at least another year before this information could be made public. The police report states that Jamisha had a bad reaction to the pot she smoked the night she died - a psychoactive effect- and she wasn't able to think clearly. Doucette says Jamisha had smoked marijuana before, but wouldn't consider her a heavy user. He says her story should serve as a cautionary tale to teens that it doesn't matter how much you use, drugs are dangerous and can take lives. Doucette says that Jamisha's mother understands why law enforcement officials want Jamisha's story told in this way, but she still wants some kind of justice served. "She's upset in the sense that her daughter is dead and nothing is happening to these three boys. But if we were to prosecute the case and not have this dialogue at this point in time, and go ahead and prosecute the case, the likelihood is if convicted, IF convicted, they would get a fine, maybe a suspended jail sentence. And that's not going to bring Jamisha back," Doucette said. Officials say they hope this case opens a dialogue about drug use and availability in Lynchburg, especially with teens.