Officials Say Flood Waters are Finally Receding

Amherst Co., VA - A rest from all the rain means the rivers in our area can finally start to recede. All the precipitation over the last couple of days pushed water levels way up.

That was especially the case for the James River.

Emergency management officials from Botetourt to Bedford all had the same message Wednesday night; water levels were finally going down.

But not until after the James River breached its banks. Monacan Park in Amherst County was closed for two days because of flooding, it's boat ramp sat under feet of water. Picnic tables, part of the parking lot, were all affected.

Amherst County officials say the park was the worst flooding the county got. Very few roads were affected by water and the ones that were, VDOT had cleared almost immediately.

Throughout the area, that's really what officials were saying; appreciation that this flooding was not any worse than it was.

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