Officials Prep for Worst, Glad Storm was Not More Severe

Lynchburg, VA - Many places dodged a bullet during Wednesday's storm. Not much in terms of wind damage, and the Rain was heavy, but only at times.

Still, public works and emergency crews took precautions to make sure everyone has been kept safe.

While many of us were safe inside, area public works and safety crews were out in the wind and rain; checking road conditions, with eyes to the skies to make sure any bad weather didn't make for dangerous conditions.

"All our staff know that they will be on stand-by and called back as needed during the nighttime hours" said Director of Lynchburg Public Works, Dave Owen.

Owen readied his staff and prepared for the worst.

"We're expecting with the rain, followed by high winds, some downed trees, so along with that we do expect some power lines to be down, so we'll be working very closely with AEP to clear the roadways" he said.

Taking a lesson from June's derecho, crews were on stand-by waiting for any wicked weather that came through the Hill City.

"We encourage all the residents to be cautious, to stay home if possible" said Owen.

But as day turned to night, conditions, predicted to be severe, remained rather mild.

In Amherst County though, heavy rain, caused a bridge to flood.

"At the worst tonight, it was about 4-5 inches deep" said Amherst County Director of Public Safety, Gary Roakes.

Cars were barely able to slowly pass through the inches of water.

"On Boxwood Farm Road, at the railroad bridge where there's some water, there's a low spot in the road. That's where the water settled at. And so far that's the only problem we've had in Amherst County. Haven't had any reports of any downed power lines or any road closures" said Roakes.

Amherst County officials anticipate the bridge to be completely clear by Thursday morning.

Other than that, they say they were really lucky this storm didn't cause any more problems than it did.