Officials Join Veterans for 'POW/MIA Recognition Day' Rally

Lynchburg, VA - Elected officials joined veterans for "POW/MIA Recognition Day" in Lynchburg.

Delegate Scott Garrett hosted the guest speaker - Terri Suit. Suit is the Virginia Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.

Virginia's DMV commissioner Rick Holcomb brought along the DMV mobile office. He encouraged vets to sign up for the new V-A veteran's I-D.

The card costs $10, and Holcomb says it will make things easier.

"It's a very unique card. It's based on your service, it's just, it's going to be more easily recognized by the vendors," said Holcomb.

Senator Tom Garrett and Delegate Kathy Byron also took part in the rally. The speakers say their goal is to help create more job openings for veterans.