Officials Investigating After Mom Says Bus Driver Fondled Her Son

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg mom is demanding answers after she says a bus monitor fondled her child.

The mom filed a police report and spoke with school administration. But she wants this investigated further.

The alleged victim says a quick tickle took an uncomfortable turn when the bus monitor put his hand down the boy's shirt and rubbed his nipples.

George Townsend, 8, who goes by JoJo, is a second grader at Sheffield Elementary in Lynchburg. He says the incident happened one time a couple weeks ago. And all that time he kept it a secret from his mom concerned she'd get upset.

Understandably, Shawnta Graves did get upset. She now drives JoJo to and from school herself.

Graves says she wants to see security video from the bus to prove what her son's saying is true.

"And then he put his hand on my chest and just started rubbing it. Then, he went to my private parts and I felt uncomfortable," said JoJo.

"It's not okay. It's one thing to go and tickle someone. To be slick and stick your hand down his shirt and begin to caress their chest, it's not okay at all," said Graves.

Graves filed a police report earlier this week.

Police say they are investigating the case, but at this point have made no conclusions. The detective is still reviewing the information. We called Lynchburg City Schools for a comment Wednesday.

Lynchburg City School officials released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying, "it's an investigation and a personnel issue."