Officials Hope "Point Of Honor" TV Show Films In Lynchburg

The new historical drama "Point of Honor" is set to start filming in Virginia in September.Directed by Lynchburg native Randall Wallace, the show will focus on a Virginia family that is torn apart during the Civil War. Not a lot of details are out right now about the production -- but officials in Lynchburg are hoping the crew will make the real Point of Honor their home base. Doug Harvey, Director of The Lynchburg Museum notes "It's an honor for us that our historic house, and Lynchburg, are going to get a lot of name recognition, whatever they do, and wherever they film."

Harvey, and other local officials, are talking with the Virginia Film Office, to remind them of the importance of the real Point of Honor, and why it would make an idea spot for TV crews to film. While no official announcement has been made on locations, Harvey believes primary shooting would happen near Richmond. That said, secondary crews and other actors could film directly in Lynchburg.

With more shows being filmed on location, rather than on a Hollywood sound stage, it's made the towns they film in a hit among fans and other film makers. Could a show like "Point of Honor" do the same for Lynchburg? Lynchburg Tourism Director Sergei Troubetzkoy says it could. He continued "Especially if the television program, in this case, or the movie is a hit? You're going to have people coming and looking for those sites."With a successful shoot, directors are more likely to choose that area again, pumping more money into the local economy. Troubetzkoy added "It's someone who came to a community, liked that experience, and filed away that information, 'this was a really cool place'."Even if crews choose to shoot elsewhere in the Commonwealth, officials like Doug Harvey say the name recognition alone can be a great boost to the city, saying "I think it would give us a chance to promote the beauty, and history, and cultural resources that we have here. We have a lot to share, so it would be an opportunity to do that."