Officials Hold Meeting Over Future of Training Centers

Amherst Co., VA - A group of Virginia lawmakers met Thursday to discuss the future of training centers in the state.

This following a long fight from parents and families of people enrolled in those facilities.

Martha Bryant is one of the women spearheading a state wide effort to keep training centers open.

She helped form Central Virginia Training Center Families and Friends Incorporated.

That group has started a petition that has now garnered more than 3,000 signatures, pressuring law makers to vote down any proposal to close any of the five centers in the state.

You may remember it was 2008 when legislators began considering closing these facilities, and moving patients to community homes.

A judge ruled any decision in this matter would be left up to a vote by the General Assembly.

Bryant claims this proposal is all in an effort to save the state money in Medicaid costs.

She says her two sons that reside at the Central Virginia Training Center are dependent, as are many, on the 24-7 care they receive there... she says a community home would not suffice.

"It's political, they want to cheapen care and they want to drive a one size fits all philosophy, and I'm going to stand up for my sons and for other people," said Bryant.

The state has previously proposed limiting the number of training center beds to 75.

Thursday's legislative committee meeting, was attended by Delegate Lacey Putney, he has been an outspoken supporter of keeping training centers open.

We'll be following these developments very closely.