Officials: Dog Lured Into Road, Hit by Vehicle

Campbell Co, VA - Campbell County officials are dealing with a really troubling case. Just before midnight on Friday, they believe a Pit Bull was lured into the roadway and hit by a car.

Officials believe someone poured a bag of dog food into the intersection of Eastbrook and Grist Roads just outside of Lynchburg.

No one really knows what happened next.

Wilson -- "The animal was laying over on the side of the ditch, near the ditch line. He was there, he was trembling, he was shaking."

Sgt. Karen Wilson was first on the scene.

"There was a large amount of dog food that was laying right here in the middle of the roadway," Wilson said.

Wilson says it was there for a reason, though.

"It was evident that it had just been put in the middle of the roadway and it was left there for the animal to get," Wilson said.

She believes the dog was hit by a vehicle.

With no dog tags in sight and no one around to question, Wilson named the little guy 'Jax'.

"He was right cute, he looked like a 'Jax'," Wilson said.

Upon examining 'Jax' a bit more, Wilson realized he was hurt badly.

"His rear leg on that side he couldn't walk on it, he was limping so he possibly had some injuries to his leg and possibly to the hip area," Wilson explained.

She says the dog had a wound to his right hip and some eye trauma.

'Jax' was taken to the Altavista Animal Hospital under the care of Dr. Sandra Bullins.

"He had several wounds to his right eye and a wound to his left chest," Dr. Bullins said.

She believes something different happened that night.

"I really feel like he probably was involved in a dog fight instead of being hit by a car," Dr. Bullins continued.

'Jax' went into surgery Tuesday and he is expected to make a full recoverysomething Sgt. Wilson is very pleased to hear. She is also still hoping to find the dog's owner, however.

"You have to be responsible when you take that decision to become a pet owner," Wilson said.

An investigation is underway.

Officials are still looking for the owner of the dog. If you recognize it, you're asked to call the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at (434) 592-9574.