Officials Bust 'Breaking & Entering Gang' in Bedford Co., Looking for Fifth Man

Nathan Nelms

Update 5 p.m.:

Bedford Co., VA - When Bedford County investigators searched a Roanoke apartment this week, they say it was like hitting a stolen item jackpot.

They found guns, computers and other expensive items they say were taken by a breaking and entering gang.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown held a news conference Friday. He said deputies weren't even in that apartment because of break, they were there looking for evidence in a shooting into a home last week. It turns out the investigators weren't the only ones to find something crucial to this case.

Debbie Amie lives on Bell Town Road in Bedford County. She found a gun at the end of her driveway.

"Totally shocked that there would be a gun. You don't expect to find a loaded. It had six casings that were empty in it. You don't expect to find that," she said.

Turns out that gun belonged to Beverly Stanley, a break-in victim.

"My husband's 357 magnum. It was recovered."

That's what Stanley was hoping for when she talked earlier this month about the break-in at her house on Timber Ridge Road. But that gun isn't back in her husband's hand just yet.

"He's been able to identify it, but it's sealed."

He identified it in evidence because a 357 is the same caliber weapon investigators say was used to shoot up a home on Centerville Road in the middle of the night last week in a drug related incident.

Augustus Xavier, Juan Welton, Durrell Brown, Kenneth Beaner and Nathan Nelms are all charged. Investigators are calling them a breaking and entering gang.

Nelms is the only one who has yet to be arrested. Investigators say he's known on the streets at "Tug," but they've nicknamed him Waldo after his bright striped shirt made an appearance in a surveillance video. They say he used a stolen gift card at Valley View Mall.

The same group is now suspected in break-ins all the way back to Christmas Eve.

"I personally think this is just scratching the surface," said Sheriff Mike Brown.

Sheriff Brown vows they'll keep looking for stolen items while victims find peace of mind.

"It's a little bit harder to sleep."

Investigators say two of the other men arrested in the shooting incident are also seen in that mall surveillance video with Nelms. They are Augustus Xavier and Kenneth Beaner.

There is a fourth man with them in that video, but that man is not charged in the shooting.


Bedford Co., VA - Authorities in Bedford County have busted up what they're calling a breaking and entering gang in Bedford County.

The group is accused of burglarizing homes all over the county and shooting into a home last week.

Four men have been arrested: Augustus Xavier, Juan Welton, Kenneth Beaner and Durrell Brown. All of these men are from Roanoke.

Officials from the sheriff's office say stolen items were recovered from an apartment there.

Investigators are still looking for a fifth man, Nathan Nelms, who is also known as "Tug".

Call the Bedford County Sheriff's Office at 434-586-7827 if you have any information.