Officers Gather To Remember Fallen State Police Officer

Martinsville, VA - Crowds traveled to Martinsville Tuesday to honor a Virginia State Police Officer who died after a car accident Saturday morning.

Sgt. Michael Phillippi was working overnight when officers say he crashed his car due to a medical condition.

Tuesday, his funeral was held at the McCabe Memorial Baptist Church.

A day filled with rain and clouds couldn't stop the light being shone on a beloved Virginia State Police Sergeant.

"Mike was a good guy, would do anything in the world for you," said Sgt. Robert Carpentieri, State Police Officer.

"[He was] just a great man. He is going to be missed deeply," said State Trooper Dennis McBride.
Sgt. Phillippi, 65, spent more than 40 years on the State Police Force. Longevity will not be his only legacy, though. Officers described him as well-liked, professional, and more than just a co-worker.
"He thought of us as his family and we thought of him as being kind of like a father figure and a family to us," said State Trooper Noah Knight.
At Phillippi's funeral, Officers traveled from all over Virginia, and around the country to pay respects. Even the newly-sworn-in Governor Terry McAuliffe visited the fallen Officer.
"It's a big loss. You lose a 42-year veteran.. all that experience," said Carpentieri.
"He's the type of Supervisor that we would be proud to go out and put our life on the line for," said Knight.
State Police say a medical condition contributed to the Saturday morning crash. They say Phillippi ran off the side of the road and hit an embankment.
"A lot of people are still in shock about what happened," said Carpentieri.
Phillippi later died at the hospital. But his troops will never forget the impact he made on the force.
"Probably the best man and supervisor. He was a true supervisor to us troopers," said Knight.
The burial is being reserved for Wednesday. Phillippi is being laid to rest in Weber City.