Officer Wounded in Boston Manhunt Is VMI Graduate

VMI Yearbook Picture

Lexington, VA - The Boston transit officer wounded in the shootout with the bombing suspects is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute.

Virginia Military Institute confirms Richard "Dic" Donohue was a member of the Class of 2002. Donohue was a history major and a member of the Naval ROTC.

Friday at VMI, cadets signed a flag with the school logo to send to Donohue.

Col. Stewart MacInnis, a VMI spokesman, says the school will reach out to Donohue's family when the time is right.

"There's obviously sympathy for him and for his family," said MacInnia. "There's also pride that he was there, that he was willing to do this. It's just in the nature of a VMI graduate I believe."

A transit police spokeswoman says Donohue lost a lot of blood when he was shot. He had surgery earlier Friday and is in critical condition.

Donohue is married and is the father of a baby boy. He is a native of Winchester, Massachusetts.


Lexington, VA - Officials from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington have confirmed that the transit officer shot and hurt in the Boston manhunt is a member of the Class of 2002.

Authorities say the MBTA officer and VMI grad is Richard Donohue, 33, from Winchester, MA.

According to the Associated Press, MBTA Police Chief Paul MacMillan says Donohue is a three-year veteran of the department.

Gov. Deval Patrick says Donohue was in surgery at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.

The officer was critically injured in an early morning shootout Friday with the two suspects in the marathon bombings. One of the suspects was killed.

Earlier in the night in Cambridge, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer was killed while responding to a report of a disturbance involving the two suspects. The officer died of multiple gunshot wounds.