Obese Man Seeks Help In Rehabilitation

Bedford Co., VA - A Bedford County man who has battled severe obesity issues for years believes his time is running out.

He's asking for your help to turn things around.

Jeff Mitchell, who weighs more than 600 pounds, has found a place to help him.

But he needs more than $7,000 dollars for the transportation to get him there.

Even the easiest things in life, for Jeff Mitchell... aren't that easy.

Things like sitting up...

It's been a problem for the past 5 or 6 years - that in recent years - has gotten much worse as his health problems have too.

Except for a few medical visits... Mitchell hasn't left this room in three years.

But with a nine year old son... the reality of that responsibility is forcing him to try to make some changes.

"I knew I had to start thinking about what I was going to do. I didn't want this to be my legacy. I don't want this bed to be my grave. This is not where I want to die," said Mitchell.

Mitchell has found a rehab facility in Ohio willing to take him on... one of the few in the country that takes people over 500 pounds.

The only thing in his way is the $7,000 dollars needed to get him there.

Using the Facebook application, FundRazr, the Mitchells set out to do just that - which included approaching the media to help get his story out.

"It was hard because you are putting yourself out there for everyone to see. To sometimes make fun of. And it's hard," said Mitchell's wife, Sherri.

As they say no pain, no gain... a phrase the Mitchells hope to get used to in the weeks to come.

"I want to get my husband back so we can do the things we used to do; that we loved to do together. I'm going to get my husband back and my son is going to get his father back and that is exciting to me," said Sherri Mitchell.

"I'm not setting a good example for my son. I'm not being the father I want to be. I want to do things outdoors. He deserves better," said Jeff.

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