Obama Campaign Responds to Romney Remarks

Lynchburg, VA - The Obama campaign issued a fiery response to Mitt Romney's remarks given at the Virginia Military Institute Monday.

Campaign officials defended the President and his policies during his first four years, saying his record on foreign policy proves his ability as a capable world leader.

Mitt Romney was extremely critical on the President's stance with Israel, saying his lack of offense with Iran, and lack of defense with Israel has weakened our relationship with the country. Campaign officials though say strict sanctions imposed by the President send a clear signal to Iran, that the United States will not tolerate any development of nuclear weapons. Further, they went on to say Romney's plan with Iran is unclear, and that Romney hasn't said he'd do anything differently, short of military action.

Romney also attacked the President on defense spending, Monday. Saying cuts to the department's budget have weakened the U.S.

Here was the response from the President's National Press Secretary, Ben LaBolt, "The President has worked with the joint chiefs of staff to ensure that America has, and always will have the strongest military in the world, and that it's capable of meeting the threats and challenges that we face around the world today. The difference is Mitt Romney would raise defense spending $2 trillion to an arbitrarily high level, beyond what the defense department has asked for." He went on to say Romney's defense plan would "explode the deficit."