Obama Campaign Office Opens in Madison Heights

Madison Heights, VA - The Obama Campaign has opened an office in Amherst County.

About 75 of the president's supporters came out to the facility in Madison Heights, off South Amherst Highway. They organized phone banks and door to door canvassing events.

The campaign says offices in more rural parts of the state will continue to open, until the Virginia voter registration deadline in October. Next week, six more offices throughout Virginia will open.

As for the president's supporters in Amherst County, they're expecting the next few weeks to be very busy. "Even though it's small, it's important to get the people who support the president to come together, and to give them a place where they can get together and canvass, and go door to door and talk to their neighbors, and call their neighbors on the phone," said Kaitlin Schaal, and Obama Campaign volunteer.

Obama campaign offices in South Hill and Farmville will be opening within the next week.