NTSB News Conference: Weight of Cars Contributes to Removal Delay

Lynchburg, VA - The NTSB held a press briefing Friday on the train derailment.NTSB Investigator Jim Southworth said, "I don't see anything in the way the crew handled the train that might have contributed to this accident."{} He also said that the train weighed 210,000 lbs. per car and that the tremendous weight is delaying the removal of cars.According to Southworth, 17 cars total derailed in Lynchburg Wednesday. Three of those fell into the river and one was breached.The NTSB has looked at the cars, equipment, signal system etc and so far they show no problems before train derailed.The area of the derailment{} is still very dangerous and there is no word on when businesses like Amazement Square and Depot Grille will be able to open again.
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