NRV Mall Shooting Suspect In Court

Neil MacInnis

Christiansburg, VA - The teen accused of shooting two women at the New River Community College satellite office at the NRV Mall was in court Monday to be arraigned.

18-year old Neil MacInnis faces four felonies, including two charges of malicious wounding for the attack Friday afternoon.

Investigators now say the suspect's initial reasoning for the shooting was that, "he was having a bad week."

Minutes after MacInnis' arraignment, the local media was invited to sit down with the man who - using voice commands alone - coaxed the shotgun wielding suspect into surrounding just moments after he originally opened fire.

If you were really looking for a way to impress your wife while out on your 33rd wedding anniversary... you need to do what James Gorman did after he got a call that there were possible shots fired in the New River Valley Mall.

Unarmed, the 59 year old head of mall security pulled up just as the suspect was leaving.

"I slammed it in park started yelling, "Put the weapon down. To get down" as I was running to him Apprehended him. He went down. He followed all the commands I asked him to," said Gorman.

By Monday morning, MacInnis was arraigned and search warrants filed showing no motive but an appearance of pre meditation.

That search warrant affidavit shows just a half hour before the shooting that MacInnis went to the local WalMart to purchase shotgun ammunition. He also came here, to the Old Navy where he used to work, just before the shooting; leaving a note that said, among other things, "I'm about to ruin my life".

MacInnis is now charged with trying to ruin two other lives as well... not to mention a family that has been left devastated.

"We're stunned. We're stunned. We are trying to comprehend the incomprehensible now. We're at a loss," said MacInnis' Uncle, Stewart MacInnis.

On the bright side... no one was killed.

Perhaps due to restrain or maybe because MacInnis came across Gorman who says he doesn't know if he'd react the same way again.

"I don't know... you just have to be there and see what happens. It was just then. Sometimes you do things you shouldn't do at just then," said Gorman.

Gorman's employers, AlliedBarton Security Services, tell me that there are plans to recognize Gorman on both the local and national level - As AlliedBarton is the country's largest private security provider.

The company also plans to treat the Gormans to a very special 33rd Anniversary trip.