Not Missing the Snow by Scott Wilson

I never had a problem with snow growing up. It was quite enjoyable to get a few days off of school and go sledding or have a snowball fight. My attitude toward snow completely changed when I started working in TV. I was working at WJLA in Washington, DC back in 2006, fresh out of college. I was the lowest man on the totem pole so I was still working weekends. There was a snowstorm on a Sunday morning, and I had to be in around 5:00 in the morning for a special morning show. The drive to work was about 17 miles, with most of it being on the Washington beltway. It was the most terrifying drive - and from that moment on my opinion of snow was forever changed.

Simply put, driving to work in the snow is not fun. First you have to dig your car out. Then you have to hope that there is no ice or anything so that you don't get stuck. Then you are driving on roads that may or may not have been treated. And oh the hills in Lynchburg! I have had to get rides to work several times since I've worked at WSET from our photographers who are driving much more snow-suitable vehicles than my Honda Civic. Two winters ago was especially bad. There were three fairly major snowstorms on weekends - one in December and two in February. In the December storm, it was at least three days before I could even get my car out of my parking space.

So I know that many of you are disappointed that we haven't gotten snow this winter. But I for one am happy to see a warmer winter, not having to worry about whether it's going to snow on a weekend or in the morning when I'm going to drive to work or in the evening when I'm driving home from work.

I will admit, there is one thing I miss about not having snow. There are some pretty great hills for sledding in Lynchburg!