Northside Vikings - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Roanoke - This week's ABC 13 high school Team of the Week is Northside Vikings basketball.

The Vikings, number 3 in this week's Full Court Press Top 13 poll, improved to 14-and-2 on the season with last night's 56-44 win over Alleghany. It was a milestone night for Northside Head Coach Bill Pope, earning his 400th coaching win in 27 years as Vikings head coach.

Bill Pope, NORTHSIDE COACH (400 CAREER WINS), said "That's what we've done every game is just really pay a lot of respect to each and every game, give it our absolute best that we can as coaches in our preparation. And the guys I thought just played their hearts out tonight. I had no idea all these signs and everything like that. Wow that was very nice of people to do that, so."