Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center To Open New Facility In October

Gretna, VA-- For 17 years a group of volunteers on the Southside has worked to help feed those in need. Over time they've seen the demand grow, and say now thankfully they're able to to expand.

The Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center is moving from an old church in Chatham to a warehouse in Gretna. this is something they are very happy about, they said their operation was just getting too big. After having to make do for years, in less than two months they'll have a new facility to call their own.

17 years have gone by and the floors just can't take it any longer. The amount of food the Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center stores at an old church in Chatham has them bursting at the seams.

"When I first started which was about 11 years ago, we gave out about 40 ,maybe 50 boxes at Weal, and maybe 60 boxes in Gretna. We're now giving out 160 boxes at Weal at time and over 200 boxes of food here in Gretna," said Butch Elko, Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center Warehouse Manager.

And their giveaways in Gretna are in a parking lot, which they said can be quite challenging.

"We have to stand outside on Friday in all kinds of weather, rain snow, heat, whatever it is to give out food," Elko said.

But those days will soon be long gone. The organization has spent two years transforming this old building into their new home.

"Here there's going to be a 12 x 12 freezer, walk in freezer that we can keep all our frozen foods in. We'll have about 50 ft of racks with three levels high where we can put food on," Elko said.

The building has gotten a new bathroom, new lighting and a fresh coat of paint and will soon get new flooring. Elko said by October it'll be finished and signify a new beginning for the Northern Pittsylvania County Food Center.

"I'm just glad to be able to help people," Elko added.

Although the food center is moving their main operation from Weal Presbyterian Church in Chatham to the warehouse in Gretna, they will still have their giveaway day once a month in the church. They want to make sure they are still reaching those in need