North Theater May Reopen

North Theater

Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: RJ Burnette

Danville, VA -- The North Theater in Danville may soon open its doors because there is a very interested buyer who is talking about turning it into a live performance theater again.

"We all want the facility to reopen, it's a beautiful facility and it should be used," said Melissa Charles, the artistic director of Union Street Theatre.

"The North Theater is a landmark in this community," said Joyce Wilburn, member of the Board of Danville Historical Society.

"Recently we've had a party out of state who has expressed a very sincere level of interest, and at this point we are in negotiations," said Bennis Butler, a real estate broker.

A source close to the theater says they have seen several interested buyers. But magician Wayne Alan from Maryland seems to be the front runner. Alan said in a statement, 'Yes, I am buying the theater."

"There is a saying in real estate that, 'Nothing is final until the check clears the bank,' so we hope that this sale will be finalized," said Wilburn.

The source also mentioned that they believe the deal will happen and the theater will be used for live performances. The purchase could be completed as early as January.

"It's reopening could be a catalyst for the revitalization for the entire neighborhood. We are hoping it's going to happen," said Wilburn.

The sale of the North Theater comes as a package with the neighboring building, whose facade fell last month.

"I know so many people have personally told me that they hoped the North would have reopened, so I think there will be a lot of support behind it," said Charles.

If the deal is complete, the new owner hopes to have the theater open by late April. The shows will focus on magic and illusion, Broadway and other types of live celebrity concerts and performances.