North Carolina Shoppers Take Advantage of Virginia's Tax Free Weekend

Danville, VA-- If you like to shop and are looking to save a few bucks on back to school items then Virginia's Tax Free Weekend is the perfect time for you to cash in.

Eric Frazier, the store manager at Target in Danville, said they were extra busy since Friday, and even busier than last year. He said one reason is because North Carolina did away with their tax free holiday this year. Folks crossed the state line to save that 5.3 percent.All weekend, parents strolled into Target in Danville with kids and school supply lists in tow.

"We've got four different lists here. We're crossing it off as we get it," said Crystal Robertson, who was back-to-school shopping.Some parents said back-to-school shopping can be a tad stressful.

"They had to have five notebooks, five packs of paper, and i'm like what are you going to do with the five notebooks and all that paper," said Christie Guill, another back-to-school shopper."I am buying school supplies for my four kids. It's wild, crazy and obnoxious. They always want something different and we always look for the bargain," Robertson said.But shoppers said there's some relief when they shop during Virginia's Tax Free Weekend.

"This helps out a lot," Guill said.Thousands in Danville, and out of state thought so too."Obviously with North Carolina not having the tax free holiday this year, we did anticipate an increase in traffic, and we have experienced that so far this weekend," Frazier said."We're actually from North Carolina, but we chose to come to Virginia today to do all our back-to-school shopping for supplies and for our clothes and shoes. We like to think it helps so that we can save a little bit of money when we go out to eat tonight," Robertson said. Preparation at the Target in Danville started months in advance by creating a back-to-school shopping area, making sure they're fully stocked on items and have enough workers on-hand.Frazier said being well prepared makes back-to-school shopping a little less overwhelming for parents."We're walking around asking our guests if we could help them find anything. We definitely look forward to it and make sure we're doing the right thing and be able to provide guests with exactly what they need when they come in the building," Frazier said.