Norma Powers

Here is what Norma's foster daughter Jessica says about Norma Powers:

"Top Mom would hardly describe my mom. She wasn't always my mom. I have been in foster care since I was 6 -years-old. I am 17 now and came to live with the Powers family about five years ago.

Honestly, I wouldn't have made it without Norma Powers. She is the one who raised me, loved me, and guided me through life. Grammy, as I call her, has been a foster parent for 44 years. She didn't have to take me in, but she did despite her husband's health issues.

My life was falling apart before I met her, but she saved me. I consider her my guardian angel. I am ready for the world because of her. I may not have a birth mom in my life, but I have Grammy. She's a true mom in my heart."