Norhurst Bringing More than 100 Jobs to Danville

Danville, VA - A big economic announcement in Danville has a lot of people very excited. The former Dan River Executive Campus on Memorial Drive is going to become the new headquarters for Norhurst Professional Services. They are moving from Northern Virginia and expanding their operations.

Norhurst plans to bring in over 100 new jobs with an overall average salary of $67,000. They say this will bring in a capital investment of more than $2 million for the area.

"It was the life of so many people, for so many years...including me, I thought I would retire here," said Avie Robertson, former Dan River Employee.

For nearly a decade, Avie Robertson, like so many others, considered this building a home away from home. But once Dan River shut its doors, the structure slowly deteriorated.

"The building was devastated. The doors were never locked," said Tim Norton, President of Norhurst, Inc.

Robertson stepped foot into her old building Friday, now, a place with new ownership. Norhurst Professional Services focuses on IT consulting for Fortune 100 companies.

"It's just really exciting to be here to see new life breathed into these facilities. New life breathed into our community and it's something that I'm just very very proud of," said Rep. Robert Hurt.

"Making these kinds of announcements really put Danville and the region on the map," said Mayor Sherman Saunders.

President of Norhurst, Tim Norton, says they picked Danville partly because of its central location.

"It's easy to relocate an employee, it's very difficult to relocate a family. There is reasons people live where they Danville offers a great community," said Norton.

Norton hopes his company will not only take the Dan River Incorporated building, but one day take the place of it.

"We should be a large player in the state of Virginia. To say that we will get to 15 thousand, we can only shoot for it," said Norton.

"It will be just interesting to see, I might even come back to work," said Robertson.

They got a grant from the Tobacco Commission for the building renovation. The building still has a long way to go, they plan to done with the renovation around Christmas time.