Nonprofit in Roanoke Aims to Help Brain Injury Survivors

Roanoke, VA - There is help in our part of the state for what many brain doctors are calling the silent epidemic.

Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia is a nonprofit organization that aims to find help and resources for families dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

For more than a decade, the agency based in Roanoke has helped hundreds of individuals receive treatment, physical, and emotional therapy, and long term care.

Some of the injured are children who've received their head trauma from playing contact sports.

"It's a loss for the child and the family. It's a tremendous change of function for everyone involved" said Melissa Barnes, an Adolescent Case Manager for the agency.

"Now I see survivors coming into the agency, and their lives are changed, just 180 degrees from what they used to be" said Krystal Thompson, Executive Director of Brain Injury Services.

The best part, all of these services, are offered for free to the public.

If you'd like more information on the organization, you can visit their website here.