Non-Profit Warns Parents About Co-sleeping

Roanoke, VA - A Roanoke non-profit says a majority of the 24 children infants that have died across the Piedmont Health District, over the past year, were victims of co-sleeping.

The Child Health Investment Partnership, also known as CHIP, serves more than 100 families in the Roanoke Valley through home visits and education.

One of their big missions is getting the message out about co-sleeping.

They want to sign up at least 25 more families for their Pregnant Moms Program.

If they hit that goal, they get access to an $18,000 grant to help continue their mission.

"We can develop a wonderful relationship, trust, repoire that really changes behaviors and helps families become healthier and children start school healthier and ready to learn," said CHIP CEO, Robin Haldiman.

To learn more here about problems with co-sleeping and CHIP's many programs.

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