No Bidders at Bedford Co. Winery Auction

Bedford Co., VA - There were no bidders at the auction of a Bedford County winery Monday, so the property is now goes on the real estate market as a commercial listing.

The minimum bid for Savoy-Lee Winery today was $450,000. That includes the winery facility, nearly 18 acres in Huddles ton, wine making and farm equipment, and the wine inventory. It's all valued at nearly $850,000. The real estate listing is $499,000.

Owner David Wood said he's selling because of a hectic work schedule and health concerns.

"It's been a long time and a lot of effort put into this," said Wood. "I'm excited about whoever does get this. They've got a great place to start, a great foundation to run forward with."

Wood says he's disappointed there were no bidders, but suspects last week's postponement because of the weather is the reason.

The winery is now listed with Cold well Banker Commercial Read & Co. Realtors in Forest.

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