Nine-Year-Old Trevant Coleman Loses Fight to Brain Cancer

"No One Fights Alone."

It was Trevant Coleman's motto when he began his battle against brain cancer. His words will live on, though the little boy's fight has ended.

Trevants's mother Adrian knew this day was coming, but the pain is still real.

"Day by day, you know, it's getting a little easier. I'm not going to say it's easy but, it's getting a little easier, Adrean Coleman said.

When school opens Tuesday, grief counselors will be ready at South Boston Elementary School. The school has sent an alert asking students and teachers to wear the special t-shirts made with Trevant's initials and slogan.

"We always ordered the shirts and the wristbands and we had a day where we would just wear green in support of him," South Boston Elementary Teacher Toni Perkins said.

Trevant leaves behind small siblings who where there for him throughout his fight. They just know that he has gone to heaven.

"He's with God," one said.

Now Trevant's mother hopes that her son's legacy will be the impact he left on the people in the community and that the powerful words from Trevant will give hope to those fighting to live.

"He knew he was an inspiration. I guess he lived for that," Coleman said.

The funeral for Trevant will be held Saturday at 11 AM at Grace Baptist Church in Virgilina.