New York To Roanoke Flight In Jeopardy

Roanoke, VA - Delta Airlines has warned Roanoke Regional Airport officials that their one daily non-stop to New York City may be dropped, unless more people start using it.

On average, about 18 people use the 50 seat plane a day.

Delta officials want to see that number improve to at least 25.

The airline took over the route when U.S. Air gave it up last year.

The airport has until October to convince airline officials the flight is sustainable.

"But I will say that the fact that they even told us that the route needed to improve... and gave us some time, that actually means they want it to get better," said Roanoke Regional Airport Spokesperson Sherry Wallace.

Airport officials think much of the problem is lack of local awareness of the flight. They point out that the flight out of Charlottesville is so successful a second flight was recently added.