New YMCA in Danville Begins to Take Shape

Danville, VA - The landscape of the River District is changing in Danville. A new YMCA is quickly taking shape.

Folks in Danville still have about a year to wait for the new Y to open its doors, but the CEO says it's a dream come true to see the building finally coming to life in its new location on the Dan River.

CEO Sarah Folmer wants the new 48,000 square foot facility to be the focal point of the community.

"If you look at a lot of other cities like Lynchburg and different places, the Y is kind of the center and things kind of blossom around it, " she said.
The current Y is at least 40 years old and hasn't seen many upgrades in the last few years, but Folmer says the new building will offer a teen center, a walking track, and a partnership with Danville Regional Medical Center for rehab and physical therapy.
These amenities and more - she says - will boost the economic value of the River District.
"When people come to the area, they want to find out about the schools, they want to find out about different aspects of the city, but they want to know about recreation and they want to know what their family can do, " said Folmer.
As the opening date approaches, Folmer says she looks forward to planning new programs for members to enjoy.
She even hopes to incorporate the Riverwalk Trail into some of the program options, to take advantage of the building's close proximity to the Danville favorite.
"It really ties in with recreation and health and wellness having a YMCA there, so, not only can we do great programs within our facility, but we're going to be able to do a great job doing things along the trail for folks. It's just such an exciting time, " she said.