New Way To Help Teachers Keep Students Supplied

Franklin Co., VA - The non profit, is teaming up with Great Clips salons to help teachers offset the out of pocket expenses teachers deal with yearly.

During the summer when teachers are supposed to be on vacation, it isn't hard to find some already hard at work - like here at Boones Mill Elementary in Franklin County, Virginia.

"It just takes more than the work days that we have to set the room up,"said 4th grade teacher Tracy James.

It's no secret teachers put in extra time.

It's also no secret they have to spend a lot of extra money to get the job done as well.

"I think every teacher spends money on things for their classroom,"said 4th grade teacher, Ellen Amos.

Amos said she spends anywhere between $500 and a $1,000 a year on her students... but also said it is worth it.

"You get things for children who need them. Other supplies you buy; things you feel will enhance your teaching. Help the children and get them more engaged,"said Amos.

Same goes for 5th grade teacher, Sharon Jones, who said she spends "several hundred" a year.

"The little extra things make it a lot more fun for them and make them want to be here and work with you," said Jones.

So news that anyone could adopt their classrooms and help bring them supplies, for free, is welcome news indeed.

"I love the kids. I want to help but it would be wonderful if we had outside help," said James.

Amos agreed."That would be very nice."

The system is pretty simple.

Just go to and create a profile for the class you want to adopt.

Anyone can then donate with the money going to vetted suppliers.

Once a supply list is submitted, the supplies are sent directly to the teacher of the classroom that was adopted.