New Polling Place Coming to LU

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Council voted to put a new polling place at Liberty University, and university officials say it's about time.

Tuesday night, the council decoded the precinct will be in the Vines Center.

For the past few elections, the university canceled classes to encourage students to make the trip to Heritage Elementary to cast their votes.

The school hasn't decided yet if they'll continue to cancel classes on Election Day, but officials say it's highly unlikely since it will only take a five minute walk.

The move is also being applauded by voters who remain in the Heritage Elementary voting district. Many of them say they'll never forget the crowds from the presidential election of 2008.

If you recall, the school sent busloads of students every 15 minutes to vote at the precinct.

"I stood in line for two hours and I was very disgusted, aggravated and was not a happy person," said Bonnie Blankenship who's happy about the new LU polling place.

The new voting districts will now drop the number of voters at Heritage Elementary from nearly 6,200 to a little more than 1,700, so there likely won't be any more long lines.

Liberty officials admit a home precinct will save them lots of money running those buses, but they say their real motivation convenience for the students.

The Department of Justice must still approve the new voting lines.