New Upscale Restaurant Opens In Danville

Danville, VA -- A new restaurant in Danville has stirred up a lot of excitement. Golden Leaf Bistro is having its grand opening to the public Thursday night. It is an upscale restaurant that they hope will bring in people from all over the area.

For William Gentry to dine at restaurants with white tablecloths and high end bars, it used to cost him more than just the meal. He would also have to take a nearly hour long drive to South Boston or Greensboro.
"I got tired of driving out of town to go get a good meal," said Gentry.
Being so fed up, he decided to bring that good meal to himself.
"I think it's going to be a good thing for Danville," said Gentry.
Golden Leaf Bistro is officially open to the public. They have a full bar, an extensive menu and private dining rooms.
"We've got something for everybody," said Gentry.
But some argue, best of all, they have another reason to bring crowds to downtown.
"It's probably the prettiest restaurant that I've ever been in in my life," said Rick Doss, a customer.
Doss got to experience Golden Leaf at a soft opening. He says the food, the atmosphere, and the location couldn't be better. After all, his business is just down the road.
"Once you go into a place and see what is around it, then that gives you opportunities or reasons to come back," said Doss.
Not only does Doss expect the restaurant to show off Danville.
"This right here should be the diamond in the crown that helps complete this area," said Doss.
Many suspect it will also draw crowds from throughout the region to experience Danville's fine dinning.
For now, The Golden Leaf Bistro is only open for dinner but in a few weeks they will also serve lunch. Either way, you may want to make a reservation, because spots are quickly filling up.