New Technology Can Help Danville Police During Crisis

Danville, VA - Danville Police have a new tool they say could help during a crisis. Earlier this year, they got access to floor plans for many major buildings through the Community Development office.

The Danville SWAT Team surrounded the Budget Inn on Piney Forest Wednesday hoping to arrest a wanted man suspected to be in one of the rooms. Police say the man cooperated and came out of the room with his hands up. But it if he hadn't, they were prepared to go into the room.
Being able to access these floor plans allows them to see where everything is in a particular building and see all the exits.
Captain Tommy Merricks says since they didn't have a plan for the Budget Inn, an officer went in a similar room beforehand and took pictures. But, in the future, if something happens in a building they have the floor plan for, they can save some time by being able to pull it up quickly and evaluate. They hope they never have to use this technology, but if they do, it should make them safer.
"With these maps being blueprints from the actual projects themselves we would have a very good idea of how the building was laid out and how we could tailor our response," said Merricks.
They have 176 buildings throughout the city on this plan, which will keep getting updated. They hope to one day have access to the floor plans in every vehicle.