New Task Force Launched to Fight Human Trafficking

Roanoke, VA - The U.S. Attorney's Office is launching a new task force designed to help localities fight human trafficking.

The announcement was made Friday morning at the Roanoke Police Academy. Officials say they are unclear as to how significant the problem is in our area because many times law enforcement doesn't know what to look for.

That is one of the major problems the task force is looking to change.

"We are really only now becoming aware of the problem and we're only now becoming aware of what to look for. That's the whole purpose of the task force. We're lucky in that we have the Northern Virginia model to use. So their experience in Northern Virginia we can translate that and apply it to our law enforcement efforts here," said Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia Tony Giorno.

The task force is looking at ways to help victims better as well. Human trafficking often involves a grey area where people who seem to be suspects may actually be victims as well.

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