New Study Finds Nearly All Adults Fail Driving Test

Lynchburg, VA - A study of adult drivers rolled out just this week is disappointing. had adult drivers retake a standard driving test, and nearly half failed the thing. Researchers learned the biggest confusion for drivers is with school buses and pedestrians.

We took this study to drivers in Lynchburg to hear what they think the problems are on the road.

On the corner of Atherholt and Langhorne Road, Irene Jones vents about her fellow drivers.

"What are they doing wrong?" we asked. "Like when they're going to make a turn, they put their signal light on right then," said Jones. "That drives you nuts," we asked? "That drives me crazy," said Jones.

Jones is not alone. gave 500 adults the online driving test. The questions are taken from DMVs across the country. Only three drivers got a perfect score.

"Does any of this surprise you?" we asked Ken Frederick, Lynchburg driving instructor, Academy of Driving. "Doesn't surprise me a bit," said Frederick.

We took the study to Ken Frederick, a driving instructor. His diagnosis: We are all too busy, too rushed.

"And I have to say I'm one of those people too, but when I get out on the highway, particularly because of what I do, I have to put all that stuff aside. If I'm late, I'm late," said Frederick.

Amanda Mays took the driving test to renew her license. And she failed it - not once, but twice.

"And I'm sitting there thinking, 'Oh, my goodness.' I had a man there beside me. He's like, 'This is my third time of coming back and taking it,'" said Mays.

The driving study also found a big issue is drivers don't know what to do with pedestrians on the road. We found the exception, and she's proud of it.

"You slow down. Let them cross," said Jones. "It's that simple, right?" we said. "Yeah, it's that simple," said Jones. "But a lot of people aren't doing that, and it's wrong."

No surprise women scored higher than men in this study - seven points higher. And older drivers scored better than younger ones.

If you would like to take a stab at the test, click here.