New Student Apartments in Lynchburg Have Neighbors Up in Arms

Lynchburg, VA - Residents of the Cornerstone community in Lynchburg are demanding that construction stop for what they say are dormitories.

Five buildings are currently under construction in the complex. They're being marketed with individual leases, solely to students.

Some of the residents in Cornerstone bought their property with the expectation that they'd be living among other families. Not in a student housing complex.

"We knew that they were going to build apartments in this spot. We were told that at the last property owners meeting in November, but we didn't know it was going to be dormitories" said Cornerstone resident, Mike Largen.

Largen and Ben Rosenthal are both homeowners in Cornerstone, both want to retire here, and now both feel blindsided.

Five new apartment buildings in the complex are being called the Vue at Cornerstone. They sit right across from Rosenthal and Largen's properties.

Both men were okay with the apartments being built, until they found out the company that's leasing them is only allowing students to sign individual leases.

"They're not renting apartments; they're renting beds" said Rosenthal.

Literature available at the site clearly states students only.

Just to be sure we called the leasing office, "They are specifically designed for students, so we do just require a valid student ID or a current enrollment at any college or university in order to apply" said the agent.

"So if I'm not a currently enrolled student, I can't live here?" we asked.

"Correct" replied the agent.

"If I wanted to live in a dorm situation, I'd enroll myself in college" said Cornerstone resident Wendell Walton.

Walton just built his house, not knowing what was coming in right next door.

"Hopefully we can have city council change something on the ordinance here. I wouldn't be opposed to that now being luxury apartments" said Walton.

A group of concerned citizens from Cornerstone presented their case to city council Tuesday night. They asked council to investigate the legality of the leasing for the property.

No word yet on what will come of that.