New Store to Open for Homeschooled Students

Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - Homeschool families in our area are about to get their very own store. It's called HomeSchool Books & More, and it's located along Enterprise drive in Wyndhurst.

It's going to be a place where homeschoolers can socialize with other homeschoolers plus buy books for their curriculum.

The store's owner says this store is going to save a lot of people and a lot of gas.

Tracy Krebs has a child in just about every type of school you can think of: One in private, one in public and one a homeschooler. She admits finding the right books to teach her homeschooled child has been a challenge.

"I'd order something off the Internet and it didn't work so I'd go down there and consign it and find something that did work," said Krebs.

She'd drive three hours to get the right book. So to cut out some of that driving time, Krebs decided to open up her own book store.

"You need to sit and really look at what's out there and it's a whole lot easier to do that with the books in your hand than on the Internet," she said.

For about a week and a half, she and a group of volunteers have been hard at work, painting, pulling down walls and buying bookshelves.

Brittany Phelps was homeschooled. She says she loved getting homeschooled, but she feels she missed out on the social aspect. She says she would've loved having a place like this to go to.

"It would have been a great way to get out of the house, which is fun for a homeschooler and just the social interaction, the fellowship with the people that are just as strange as you are, or just as normal," she said.

So now the homeschooler can have somewhat of a home away from home.

"You come in here and you know that every person is where you are or have been, so you have a lot to give them and they have a lot to give you, and there's an instant sense of camaraderie between homeschool families," said Krebs.

The store will also have a room available to rent for parties and classes, and Krebs invites anyone that has books to consign to bring them on over. You can drop them off at Sweet Peas in Wyndhurst.

The store should be open by the second week of July.

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