New Service in Lynchburg Makes Sure You Get Home Safely

Lynchburg, VA - Each year, thousands of people die from alcohol impaired driving. A new service in Lynchburg is working to make being responsible a whole lot easier. The folks at DrinkFree are working together with local businesses to ensure that your next trip out is a safe one. For co-owner Frank Sheffield, a night on the town means making sure people aren't drinking and driving. "We were watching the news, actually, and saw that there was a drunk driving accident. And we started saying to ourselves 'Man, that's really horrible. What is being done about this?' " Sheffield said. That's when Frank and Chase Montney got the idea for DrinkFree. It's a partnership between themselves and businesses in the Lynchburg area. Nearly 30 people die every day from drunk driving incidents, 31% of all traffic related deaths. The folks at Drink Free say they are not promoting drinking, they're promoting responsibility. By simply pre-paying for the amount of drink and food you will consume, DrinkFree will pick you up and take you home, free of charge. Chase Montney says their first partner, Robin Alexander, has been very supportive. "Things have been going well, we're really ramping up their staff, educating people, education staff on what it is," Montney said. DrinkFree looks to expand over the summer months to cover corporate parties, concerts, and festivals, as well as other restaurants. Sheffield emphasizes that they are not a taxi service, but rather, a way for businesses to encourage more customers to be safe and responsible. "We want to help their business grow, so by doing that, by using our service, not only are you keeping the roads free of drunk driving, you're also helping those businesses grow, you're helping your local economy," Sheffield said. Sheffield says that they are working on expanding to multiple restaurants over the summer months. They hope that more people utilize their service to enjoy local businesses safely and responsibly.