New River Valley Community College Officials Confirm Names of Shooting Victims

Christiansburg, VA - School officials have now confirmed the identities of the two women wounded in Friday's shooting, in Christiansburg, at the New River Valley Community College.

They say Taylor Sharpe and Kristina Bousserghine were both transported to local hospitals with gunshot wounds.

Both are said to be in stable condition.

ABC News has obtained an audio recording between emergency officials as they responded to the call for shots fired. Their quick response is being credited with saving lives.

"All units Christiansburg PD is en route to the New River Valley Mall Community College, there's been reported shots fired," said an emergency official as they responded to the school.

According to a New River Valley Community College spokesperson, a bystander who was walking into the mall spotted the suspect carrying a gun into the school.

They dialed 911 as the first shots were being fired.

"New River Community College entrance, for a female subject, gunshot wound to the leg and the hip," said an official over the radio.

School officials have confirmed the identities of the two shooting victims--Taylor Sharpe and Kristina Bousserghine.

According to Sharpe's Facebook Page she had at one point attended Virginia Tech.

"Reports of a person down, I'm beside of New River Valley Community College Entrance," said an emergency official over the radio communication.

Within minutes of the first shots, an off duty security guard and 2 police officers were credited with taking 18-year-old Neil MacInnis into custody.

"All units suspect is in custody. All Units suspect is in custody at the moment," said an emergency official over the radio.

A quick response the New River Valley Mall's General Manager, Mike Poldiak, credits for preventing an even more devastating situation.

"The suspect was apprehended very quickly and the outcome could have been much worse," said Poldiak.

New River Community College has decided to cancel all classes through Tuesday, on their main campus as well as their satellite campus. Their offices will remain open for anyone who would like to speak with a counselor.

They also say they are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support they have received.