New Pet Waste Disposal Stations Coming to Altavista

Altavista, VA - You know how frustrating it can be when you are out running or walking and you see, or even worse, step in dog poo. It is something the Town of Altavista is trying to reduce.

Officials are planning to set up a few new pet convenience stations equipped with bags in some residential areas. These will be safe, sanitary and convenient places for people to dispose of waste.

Right now they have a few on Bedford Avenue, and now they are looking to add one to Myrtle Lane and one to the Lakewood subdivision.

"It just doesn't benefit the people walking their pets, it benefits the others in the community, so I think it's a win, win," said Town Manager Waverly Coggsdale.

The next step from here is for Public Works to order them and install them. They cost $150 each.