New Lynchburg Company to Help Grow Talent

Lynchburg, VA- Whatever your talent is, they want to help you hone it. It's called EPIC 434.

The company defines itself as a talent development and entertainment company.
Whether you're age 4 or 84, Epic 434 wants to help people chase their dream career right here at home.
Myscha Hargett-Gaines is a singer/ songwriter in Lynchburg. She's already recorded and released an album. Now she wants to reach more listeners.
"A birthday party, or anything. If anybody asks pretty much I'll go," said Hargett-Gaines.
Clarise Hicks founded EPIC 434.
"We want people to be taken more seriously in the entertainment industry, said Hicks."
EPIC stands for Elevating People's Individual Careers.
Hicks has had some clients get emotional.
"They think, because it's something they dreamed about growing up that they can't do it and then when they walk in these doors they're like, 'This really encourages me to continue going forward', said Hicks."
EPIC has a team ready to make those dreams come true.
"We want to give them the proper training, education and guidance that they need so we can put them before the masses and showcase their talent, said Michelle Johnson-Lane, Co-Founder, EPIC 434."
EPIC 434 introduced Myscha to new venues and musicians to help record her music.
Whether you're an established or aspiring actor, author, model, or whatever.EPIC says they are here to help.
"Any dollar that you get doing what you love trumps 20 dollars doing what you hate, said J Coleman."
Their office is located on the 3rd floor of the Galleria in downtown, Lynchburg.The first consultation is free.