New Legislation Bans Smoking in the Car with Kids

Richmond, VA - Anti-smoking legislation introduced in Richmond could make it illegal in Virginia to smoke in a car while your kid is in there too.

Delegate Joe Morrissey, a Democrat from Highland Springs, is behind the idea. Specifically, it would be a civil penalty to smoke in a motor vehicle with someone 13 or under; it doesn't matter whether the car is moving or standing still.

A violation would land you with a $100 fine. Organizations behind anti-smoking campaigns say kids often have a thing or two to teach their parents about not smoking.

"A lot of kids will say they've hidden their parents' cigarettes to try to get them to stop, or they put gross pictures around to get them to stop. We know smoking isn't an easy thing to just up and quite. That's why we encourage kids to not start it," said Stephanie Martin, prevention program manager, Horizon Behavioral Health.

The penalty would go to the state's Literary Fund.