New Law Brings Stricter Texting and Driving Rules

Danville,VA - As of Monday, a new state law has made texting and driving a primary offense. This means police can pull you over solely they suspect you are texting while driving.

It's still legal to use your GPS, search for music on your iPod, or make or answer a call while you're driving.

You can also text and email if you are pulled over on the side of the road or stopped at a red light.

Police advise to always give the road your full attention, however.

"The language of the code there's some exceptions in there," said Captain Matt Carter of the Danville Police Department. "Our advice is, if it's anything that's taking your attention off of driving, don't do it."

The fine for a first offense of texting while driving is $125 dollars. For a second offense, it's $250.