New Jobs Could Be Coming to Appomattox

Appomattox, VA - New jobs may be on their way to Appomattox. The farm and ranch retailer Tractor Supply Co. could move into the old Food Lion building.

The company has not confirmed the opening, but Tractor Supply's website has several job openings posted for its Appomattox location.

Residents in the town seem to believe Food Lion would be the perfect spot for it.

The loss of Thomasville, Wilbuns and Food Lion cost the town of Appomattox hundreds of jobs. Reopening just one of those empty buildings is good news to the public.

"I think it's great myself, we need more business down here anyway," said Lensey Glover, Appomattox resident.

The proof is in the posting. On Tractor Supply's online career center, Appomattox tops the list. The news has some small business owners concerned.

Cory Osborne is the owner of Appomattox Outdoor Equipment.

"It's good and bad. It's good for a lot of people in Appomattox to get certain equipment, bad for us because they sell cub cadet and we sell cub cadet," said Osborne.

Osborne sells the same brand lawnmower at the same price as Tractor Supply. Osborne says even though he may lose the sales, he'll more than likely gain business in repairs.

"You buy it from me, you get service first. You buy it from them and something happens, it might be in the back of the list before I can get to them," said Osborne.

But Osborne says he'll sacrifice some of his business if it helps his neighbor.

"It will help the community. If they can hire more people that need a job and get decent benefits and a decent pay wage, it will be well worth it," said Osborne.

ABC 13 can't confirm how many jobs it could bring. But, we're told a single typical Tractor Supply store employs anywhere from 10 to 18 people.