New Information on Roanoke Shootout That Wounded Four

Roanoke, VA - Four people were shot early Saturday morning and investigators in Roanoke are still looking for suspects.

It happened in the 1800 block of Moorman Avenue, Northwest.

One witness describes it as like being from a scene out of the Wild West.

All up and down the street you can find large caliber bullet holes in everything from cars to fence posts to houses.

Roanoke Police now say this all started at the Four Flavors Jamaican restaurant off Williamson Road.

It was at that restaurant that police believe two groups of young men got into a altercation that, after breaking up, picked back up several miles away on Moorman Avenue.

Investigators believe one of those groups decided to seek out the other.

Neighbors say in the ensuing 10 or so minutes at least 50 shots were fired forcing people in nearby homes to get low and take cover.

"Roll out of bed and get on the floor. You have no other choice because you don't know where the bullets are coming from," said Steven Pulliam, Sr whose car was hit three times.

"Honey... I'm ready to move. I'm ready to fold it in and let it go. That's how I feel. Honest to goodness about that.... I'm ready to go. I'm ready to get out of the neighborhood," said Sonya Cohen.

Cohen wants to move her daughter and three grandchildren out of the neighborhood.

Four guns were found at the scene and police say they are looking for more.

So far there have been no arrests - and police say the four injured men are not cooperating.