New Information On Danville Man Wanted For Murder

Danville, VA - Friends of the man stabbed to death in Danville in September are ready for justice to be served.

Harry James Gladmon, 32, has been indicted for first degree murder of Martin Cowan.
Gladmon has not been arrested and police need help to find him, though. Police say he killed Cowan outside the Pure Gas Station while wearing a Halloween mask.
Some people are now saying Cowan and Gladmon may have known each other. While no one we spoke with will speculate on a motive, one person says they may have worked at the same place, at the same time.
When Abdul Khan first saw a photo of the man police say killed Martin Cowan, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"I was thinking I've seen somewhere, that guy," said Khan.
Months before the attack, Khan says Harry Gladmon became a familiar face, spending some time repairing the store's roof. He didn't know Gladmon well, but remembered his face.
"I see him several different times, he would go across here and 'can I use the restroom or something like that', I say 'go ahead'. That's all," said Khan.
Cowan also worked at Khan's store, occasionally coming in to do inventory. In September, as Cowan left another convenience store, police say Gladmon and another suspect came up to Cowan wearing Halloween masks and stabbed him.
"The first thing in my mind I question why he kill him," said Khan.
While Khan does not know if the two ever knew each other, he says it is a possibility they could have seen each other at the store. And police have just announced they do not believe this stabbing was random.
"I would definitely say he is dangerous," said Cpt. Dennis Haley, Danville Police Department.
Police suspect Gladmon may still be in Virginia and they want the public's help to find him.
"We definitely want to get him off the street. We would not want another incident to occur," said Haley.
Until that happens, Khan remains on alert and still shocked by this suspect.
"When you look at his picture and face, he looks like a mad man," said Khan.
Danville Police say Gladmon is six feet tall, weighs 205 pounds and should be considered armed and dangerous. If you see him or know where he may be, call 911.