New Heritage HS Price Tag, $8 Million Less

Lynchburg, VA - Tuesday night, the Lynchburg City School Board heard about new options and a new price tag for Heritage High School.

The price reflects a design administrators say more accurately reflects the high school's future student enrollment.

Tuesday, board members saw a proposed new school 25,000 square feet smaller than previous proposals, and costs almost $8 million less.

Initially, the architects for this project had developed plans for a building that would accommodate 1,500 students.

Administrators looked into that and felt that 1,200 students would be a more accurate projection.

This latest plan would total around $85 million. The previous price tag was $93 million.

Administrators say they have taken into account a potential population increase, acknowledging the potential to expand the school years down the road.

"Into the design of your building or the site layout, you incorporate certain areas, so that if there is a population growth in the future, that you can then add a building addition over the long term. Or you could actually temporary classrooms if it's just going to be a short term kind of thing" said Ben Copeland, Assistant Superintendent for Operations and Administration.

Administrators say they don't think the school will be exceeding 1,200 students any time soon.

Superintendent, Dr. Scott Brabrand says he would like a decision to be made on this by the end of the month.