New Haunted Experience Sets Up in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - This year two of the Roanoke Valley's usual haunted houses won't be delivering the scares, including Dr. Pain's and the Roanoke Jaycee's "Fear Factory."

That has left the door open for a newcomer: Outbreak Haunted House. Its creators say it is a haunted experience unlike any you've ever had before.

Tucked away in the Towers Mall complex, a newcomer to the scare scene is ready to kick off its inaugural season.

Creaters say the experience is so new, fresh and scary, they protect it like a state secret.

"This is really high end. This is something you would see at a theme park miles away", said Trevor Wolfe.

Wolfe is an entertainment industry vet who joined forces with Regina Sink to put together a show they both have been separately dreaming about for years.

"Generally do family oriented things in the summer with fireworks and I met Trevor and I knew I needed somebody to do the other half... which is the technical part," said Sink.

He says $56,000 later, Outbreak Haunted House involves an experience that is more about theme than typically found in a haunted house.

"Everyone knows the outbreak is very serious in southwest Virginia. Everyone needs to get their vaccination and you need to get it now," said Wolfe while in character.

That's how the experience starts.

"BioGen labs is proud to offer each and every one of you our new vaccine," announces the nurse as you walk in.

What happens beyond that cannot be described as fear is guaranteed to grip the groups of four who are brave enough to make their way through the lab.

"This is completely themed out to be consistent. It tells a story from A, B, C, D... and that story gets more intense as you get along. Things start out very happy and calm and then there's problems and another problem and things get worse and things get very scary," said Wolfe.

The show, which begins Thursday at 7 p.m., runs on all Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through Halloween.

Admission is $12. You can find the "Outbreak Haunted House" on the 23rd Street side of the Towers Shopping Center.