Time's Running Out Before New GED Test

Lynchburg, VA - The General Educational Development Test, or GED, is about to get a lot harder and a lot more expensive.

The new test, set to debut January 1 2014, will be computer-based and GED officials say it will better measure a person's preparedness for college.

For Virginians it will also double in price, from $58 a session to $120.

"Three or four years ago, I couldn't do half this stuff," Ieisha Holley said, pointing at the geometry worksheet in front of her.

Three hours a day, five days a week, she comes to the Adult Learning Center to attend free GED classes.

"I'm looking forward to passing it and see if the doors open up for me a little bit more," Holley said.

Holley passed all but the math section when she took the test two years ago, but when the new test rolls out, none of that hard work will matter.

Instructors estimate there are 800 unfinished GED tests in the city of Lynchburg that will be thrown out when the new test begins in January.

"Honestly, I wish we were busier because I know we have a lot of students who are ten points away," said Marika Paris.

Paris says the new test will help students be better prepared for college, but she worries the $120 dollar price tag will discourage some from getting their GED.

Not for Patty Hebert. The 58-year-old has raised six children and is just as determined to get her GED, even if it means studying for a new test come January.

"When I graduate, I'm gonna have a party and everything," Hebert said with a laugh.

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